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About Us

Founded in 2018, Vietcaplink is an investment corporation that focuses on leading enterprises in Vietnam. We steer Vietcaplink towards:

Becoming a leading investment company in Vietnam.


Becoming a trustworthy companion for one million Vietnamese investors.

  • Companion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Effectiveness
  • Sustainability
Core value

200 + billion

Total assets under management

70 billion

Charter Capital


Regularly active customers

Investment philosophy of Vietcaplink

The investment philosophy of Vietcaplink follows the Quán Trend mindset. We have consistently applied this throughout our investment activities in four steps:

  • Quán Trend Market
  • Quán Trend buying and selling
  • Quán Trend stocks
  • Quán Trend accounts

The selected stocks must have fundamental criteria such as:

  • Early growth cycle
  • Leadership with vision
  • Clear competitive advantage
  • Backed by prominent institutions
  • Strong financial foundation

Investment activities

Stock market investment

Providing information, market analysis, and advice to assist clients in making informed investment decisions.

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Corporate investment

Accompanying businesses in their development, expansion, and optimizing business operations.

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Products and services

Investment consultancy

Vietcaplink provides securities investment advisory services based on the Quán Trend investment method.

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Investment partnership

Collaborate with Vietcaplink through the 'Investment Collaboration' product, where profits/risks are shared based on the contributed capital ratio or agreement.

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Financial services

Providing capital support to securities investors with two main products: GPTC - Underlying and GPTC - Derivatives.

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Why should you choose Vietcaplink's services?

Comprehensive solution

Vietcaplink offers comprehensive solutions for investors.

Outstanding performance

Our products aim to deliver superior profit performance to customers in each segment.

Dedication and professionalism

We wholeheartedly invest in the success of our customers. We are dedicated to designing products/services that cater to individual needs.

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